Emerald Lakes Twilight Market Of A Thursday

Operating Hours: Thursday 3:00pm to 7:00pm
The Boulevard, Emerald Lakes, Carrara (next to Emmanuel College in Birmingham Road)

The Emerald Lakes Twilight Market, renowned for showcasing fine food inspired by tastes from around the World has added even more to the European experience with the Village Centre on The Boulevard now the location of the Market.

Terri Askew, licensee of the Emerald Lakes Gourmet Food Market, is excited about the shopping experience and support to surrounding businesses that the new market location has offered.  ”I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to move the Market from the lakeside to The Boulevard main street of the awe-inspiring Emerald Lakes complex.  The Market at Emerald Lakes has always been a popular attraction and The Boulevard has been a wonderful experience for shoppers and is proving to be a benefit to the other businesses on site, such as the Indian and Greek Restaurants and Gloria Jeans Coffee.”

Terri also says that “the Market is an extremely popular fresh produce and boutique Arts ‘n’ Craft Market and is a regular fixture for both locals and tourists.  The freshness and realistic pricing of the Emerald Lakes Market’s extensive range of produce is providing a great avenue for relaxed, convenient and money saving shopping for market visitors.  It has proven to be a popular location for friends and family to meet and enjoy the combination of live entertainment, arts ‘’n’ craft products and International Take-away Cuisine, as well as the bounty of fresh produce specials.  Through my experience the attraction of masses of people to an area for the markets begins to create a virtuous circle allowing nearby shops and dining areas to flourish.  Essentially, the Market continues to widen the range of tastes that we can cater to alongside our European Restaurants dining options.  Indeed our Market has broken away from the characteristics of a standard farmers market and is now a complete alfresco gourmet shopping experience with an international ambience.”

Enquiries: Terri 0417 759 777
Email: terri@marketsdownunder.com


Directions: Emerald Lakes

Emerald Lakes Markets is located at The Boulevard, Emerald Lakes, Carrara (next to Emmanuel College in Birmingham Road)

Directions: Emerald Lakes
The Boulevard, Carrara QLD 4211
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Emerald Lakes MarketThe Boulevard Carrara QLD 4211